Duetto infrared heaters 900 W

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Duetto – infrared emittter IP56

Size: 910x310x28xmm, Effect 900W. Duetto infrasauna - emitter is unique. It is made in Finland for heating normal electric or wood heated sauna with healthy and electric saving INFRARED heat. The usage of this heater has been tested and approved according to the demands of "Sauna and IR-sauna 2012" directive. This heating element is safe to use with electric heating stove at the same time or separately. The glass surface element is safe to install either vertically or horizontally at the sauna walls.  You can build your own infrared sauna in the space you have available in the bathroom or even a closet or open balcony. All you need is an electric supply point, no connections to water piping or air conditioning. Duetto elements are fixed to the wall with four screws which are included in the delivery.  A control unit either GIRA - time clock or Saunakeskus is 1 -  control unit for temperature and heating time can be used with the heaters. GIRA-timer can be installed inside the sauna under 1 m height. No thermostat is then needed. Installation is simple and easy. To decrease the input wattage always two pcs of Duettos can be installed in series and the required wattage is halfved but the output heat from the glass surface is maintained.  All you need for infrared heating are adequate number Duetto - heaters, backrests  and a Saunakeskus is1 - control unit.

 Number of Duetto® infra sauna heaters and usage of them

Infrared rays generated in the Duetto® infrared sauna heaters produce a good feeling. When the infrared sauna heater is placed close to the large body muscles, a maximum benefits from the heating power can be achieved.  One heater per person needs about 50 cm width of sauna bench, as well as one set of heaters on bench sides. The heaters are placed on the wall behind the back of bather/bathers and on both sides of the bench as well as to legroom. The legroom heater is installed in parallel to the bench, about 10 cm from the front edge of the bench, below the seat. In front of the infrared sauna heaters, the safety grille is installed in which one can lean on during bathing. Please note the sauna stove manufacturer's safety and installation instructions when installing the heaters.  Pleasant bathing temperature in the infrared sauna is below 60oC. Each sauna bather, however, can find a best bathing temperature individually. Good sauna bathing time in infrared sauna is 30 minutes.  The maximum allowed continuous bathing time is one hour. In the infrared sauna, a lot of fluid dissipates from your body. Do not forget to drink plenty of water! Number of heaters required: When selecting the number of sauna heaters, take into account the sauna room dimensions. The necessary heating power is about 1kW/m3. The glass and tile surfaces increase the power needed by 1kW/m2.  If you can use sauna stove to heat the air, you will only need 500 W/m3 heater capacity. See video of the sauna use: http://www.screencast.com/t/YqIX3SZE6