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Saunacalculator for Infared Films

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Add Duetto heaters to your rock stove sauna

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Welcome to Saunakeskus!

Saunas help you live longer, study finds

see: http://goo.gl/W4fJKL

Here you will find the hottest original Finnish sauna products for traditional rock stove saunas, infrared  saunas and Combi saunas.

  • Find the Finnish heating elements to make you traditional sauna to a healthy and electricity saving infrared sauna

  • You can desing a Combi sauna with stove and infrared heat

  • You will get all your sauna requirements for one source

  • For Gyms, Hotels and Spas we offer proven solutions for infrared saunas and combi saunas, as well as gym equipment

  • Test the sauna calculator to get a budget idea of adding the infared heater foils, panels and control unit to your sauna. 

  • For Duetto heaters we have own calculator to get a budget price including the backrests and control unit. Test it here.

  • Use us when you want to deal with professionals with over 10 years of experience of delivering thousands of saunas to Finland and abroad

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Front page offer

Now all you need for infared heat to your normal sauna in one package: INFRASAUNASET to a special price of 1.545:- (Normally 1.809:-)



Or install 3 pcs of Duetto infared heaters with backrests to a special price of 1.545:- (Normally 1.755)